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Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales

Current Research Projects

- Active faults characterizationin the Andes piedmont. SeCTyP 2013-2015. Res. 4540 Código 06/A601. Leader  Stella Moreiras.

- Geodynamic processes in the Argentinean Central Andes. Study and impacts in the regional territorial planning. Segund Stage. SeCTyP 2013-2015. Res. 4540. Código 06/G675. Co-leader Stella Moreiras.

- Contrasting the landslides´ behavior over the Eastern slopes of the Extratropical (41ºS) and Subtropical (32ºS) Andes: interactions between climate, tectonic, and vegetation. PIP 11220150100191CO. 2015-2017  (3 años) (Res. 0111). Leader  Stella Moreiras.

- Natural Hazards In The Central Andes (ANLAC): analysis, prediction and socio-economic valoration. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. 2015-2019 Res 571/15. Leader  Stella Moreiras.

- The role of landslides in the sedimentary balance and hydrological bahaivor of andean basins: Paleo-enviromental history and current hydrodynamic of the Central Andes. SeCTyP 2016-2018. Leader  Stella Moreiras.