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IADIZA conducts scientific research aimed at understanding and explaining the structure and functioning of drylands

Training and Courses

One of IADIZA's main goals is education, transferring knowledge and conclusions to all levels of the community. The Education and Outreach group was created in 1995 with the goal of conducting educational activities on environmental issues it their broadest sense.

Environmental education is considered to be conceived as a permanent process where individuals and community become aware of their environment and acquire the knowledge, values, competence, experience and the will necessary to drive them to work individually and collectively on solving current and future environmental problems.

Environmental problems need to be approached from various disciplines, a characteristic that implies great difficulty to impart environmental education in classrooms. Diagnoses show that teachers require a more in-depth training on environmental issues because of the strong presence of these contents in school curricula. All areas of knowledge contribute to shaping a social subject, critical, reflective, supportive and aware of his bonds with the environment that he is part of.

The overall goal of the group for educational transfer is favoring teacher training on environmental education, and seeing to the demands of curricular contents, methodological and institutional aspects.