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IADIZA conducts scientific research aimed at understanding and explaining the structure and functioning of drylands

Research network in dryland socio-ecological landscapes

The network involves different lines of research interested in understanding the ecological and social processes in the drylands of Monte Desert (Argentina) through multiscalar and multidisciplinary approaches. 

Our research covers multiple landscapes, production systems (agricultural, livestock, among others) and organisms (microbiotic communities of soil, plants, animals) as study models. 

Through this network we reflect the work in interaction with colleagues of our institution and other national and international institutions that share our vision on the functioning of dry ecosystems, with special emphasis on the interfaces of the territory characterized by different uses and levels of ecological and social connectivity

Our research topics include: 

  • The role of anthropic activities in landscape transformation and biodiversity. 
  • The processes of connectivity and flow of organisms between areas under different forms of management. 
  • Management and protection of native forests and protected areas. 
  • Cultural landscapes, heritage and processes of tourism patrimonialization. 
  • Territory (s), landscape (s) and power in drylands of the Argentine west. Landscape studies as an image of territorial transformation processes mediated by power. 
  • Social reproduction and use of the territory and natural assets in rural territories and urban-rural interface. 
  • Bio and socio-diversity intersections. 
  • Relations between biological and cultural diversity in drylands.

Some Universities, Research Centers and government agencies with which we work are: 

From Argentina: Universidad de la Patagonia Austral, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Universidad Nacional de La Rioja, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Universidad de Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Administración de Parques Nacionales, Dirección de Recursos Naturales Renovables de Mendoza; Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria. 

From abroad: Universidad Nacional de Bogotá (Colombia), Universidad de Manizales (Colombia), Universidad El Bosque (Colombia); Universidad de Sevilla (España), Universidad Pablo de Olavide (España); UniversitádegliStudi di Padova (Italia), UniversitádegliStudi di Pavìa (Italia), Politécnico de Milán (Italia); Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (España), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (España), Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (México); Universidad de Guadalajara (México); Universidad de San Pablo (Brasil).