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IADIZA conducts scientific research aimed at understanding and explaining the structure and functioning of drylands

Management Report and Annual Report of the Institute

The Management Report, produced every year, is a mechanism implemented by the Institute’s Director as a transparent communication tool for the whole staff to learn about what has been done both at management level and by each of the Research Groups at the Institute.

It is considered that knowledge of all of the activities performed throughout the management year encourages and motivates the different strata of the institution to become involved in the institutional image and work together in an interdisciplinary fashion in order to meet the Institute’s goals, mission and vision. This is particularly important considering that IADIZA is an Executive Unit that depends on three parties: CONICET, Government of Mendoza Province and National University of Cuyo. These institutions compose the Institute’s Board of Representatives, defined by its Law of Creation No. 3884 of December 26, 1972, and to whom this Report is addressed as well.

IADIZA’s Director has noticed that part of the information contained in the Management Report is displayed in the Institute’s Annual Report, which is requested by CONICET by the middle of each year. However, this effort to have a balance of all proceedings in the month of December when the financial year ends, and in the format in which the information is presented, on the one hand helps fulfill the obligation to produce the Annual Report and, on the other hand, the information format facilitates performing all outreach, dissemination and transfer activities.This tool is deemed useful to make known outside the Institute all developments accomplished at the scientific, technological and social levels by each Research Group and by the Institute as a whole.

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