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IADIZA conducts scientific research aimed at understanding and explaining the structure and functioning of drylands

Biodiversity research


The Biodiversity Research Group (IADIZA - CONICET) conducts research on biogeography, systematics, ecology, ecophysiology, evolution, behavior and conservation of vertebrates. Research is focused on arid and semiarid shrub ecosystems and rainforests of Argentina. The program integrates various lines and levels of biological organization; from ecosystems to populations, and from biogeography, systematics, cytogenetics and ecology to physiology and behavior. At macro and micro geographical scale, studies address patterns related to rodent distribution, diversity and systematics, disturbance and structure of micromammal assemblages. At the functional level, studies analyze changes in community composition and structure, as well as ecophysiological and behavioral adaptations to the water shortage conditions, extreme temperatures and low productivity of the desert.

We use classical ecological methods, experiments, cytogenetic and molecular techniques.


The objective of our investigations is contributing to a better understanding of the ways in which deserts are structured and function. and providing solid grounds for conservation biology.


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