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IADIZA conducts scientific research aimed at understanding and explaining the structure and functioning of drylands

40 Year Anniversary

40 Year Anniversary
In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of IADIZA, the Institute held a number of activities throughout the year. The central event of the 40-year celebrations was attended by authorities of the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Production Innovation, central and local CONICET, Government of Mendoza Province, National University of Cuyo, international dryland research institutions, non-governmental organizations, by members of IADIZA and of the other Institutes at CONICET Mendoza, representatives of the region’s leading civil organizations, and by the general public. All of the former directors of IADIZA were present, among them its founder and first Director, Virgilio G. Roig. The audience at the celebration filled the premises of the Latin American Meeting Room at the CCT CONICET Mendoza. The speakers at the event highlighted the central role of IADIZA in research at national and regional level, as well as its active engagement with society, and its contributions to designing public policies and to planning for dryland management and use.

The activities for commemorating the 40th anniversary also included scientific sessions where IADIZA’s research groups presented a review of their research work, pathways traversed and projection into the future. The presentations made by research groups during the meetings can be downloaded below.   

GIB – Biodiversity Research Group - Download PDF»

From the plant to the satellite image – Botany and Phytosociology Research Group - Download PDF»

ECA – Behavioral Ecology of Oasis Birds - Download PDF»

An ecological tangle – Laboratory of Ecological Interactions – Download PDF»

Scientific and Technical Production – 1972-2003 Period - Download PDF»

Editorial work over the last 10 years conducted by the Botany Research Group - Download PDF»

Research experiences in ecology and behavior of desert animals - Download PDF»

GEPRO – Ecophysiology, production and restoration in Drylands - Download PDF»

GEPRO – Revegetation of Argentina’s drylands impacted by mining and oil activities - Download PDF»

Geobotany and Phytogeography - Download PDF»

IADIZA - 40 years – Download PDF»

LaDyOT – Drylands: environment and society - Download PDF»